Woman punches grandmother while on the phone with police dispatch

21-year-old Alyssa Berry was charged with domestic assault after reportedly getting into a fight with her grandmother leaving multiple bruises on her right arm and right side of her neck.

Teen with active warrant caught with marijuana during traffic stop for speeding

18-year-old Devontez Wade was charged with possession of marijuana, felon possession of a weapon, and domestic assault after he was caught speeding, was found to have an active warrant and admitted he had marijuana and a gun in his vehicle.

Woman charged after attacking grandfather; he says she’s off her meds

29-year-old Lauren Nix was charged with domestic assault after she attacked her grandfather because she claimed to receive a message from her children’s father stating their children were dead and her grandfather had something to do with it.

Woman charged after police notice boyfriend’s visible injuries

33-year-old Sharon Perry was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly woke her boyfriend up and scratched his neck and arm during a verbal altercation.

Veteran charged after police hear screams from apartment

25-year-old Gerardo Rodriguez was charged with domestic assault after his pregnant girlfriend claimed he grabbed her by the throat and slammed her into a staircase.

Woman charged after admitting she swung at her boyfriend

28-year-old Angela Shoemate was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to throwing a punch at her boyfriend’s face and pushing him when he let her back into the house during an argument.

Charges dismissed for woman whose boyfriend claimed she pistol-whipped him

27-year-old Rynique Baker was charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault and domestic assault after her boyfriend told officers she pistol-whipped, pointed a gun at him, and bit him in two separate incidents.

Man caught on 4-year-old domestic assault charges

31-year-old Gustavo Roman was charged with aggravated assault and domestic assault in regard to two separate incidents in 2016 and 2019. The mother of his children said he assaulted her on both occasions.

“Y’all look stupid, I don’t care” says woman caught on camera bleaching man’s clothes

30-year-old Lakesha Smith was charged with harassment, vandalism, domestic assault, assault on an officer, evading, and resisting arrest after a man showed authorities footage of her destroying his clothes and she refused to be arrested.

Woman charged with domestic assault after pushing brother into brick wall; per report

24-year-old Alexandria Crutcher was charged with domestic assault after witnesses said she scratched her brother’s face and pushed him into a brick wall.