Man jailed after witnesses say he pulled knife on his brother over parking disagreement

59-year-old Victor Davis was charged with aggravated assault after he pulled a knife on his brother during an altercation about parking.

Man charged with assault after the mother of his child says he ripped out a chunk of her hair

27-year-old Timothy Webster was charged with domestic assault after his child’s mother told police that he scratched her face and pulled out a section of her hair when she told him she didn’t want him in their child’s life.

Green Hills doctor charged with assault after husband says she poked and touched him

61-year-old Dr. Susan Limbaugh was charged with domestic assault after an argument with her husband about him spending more time with her. He said she poked him when he started packing his things to leave.

Woodbine man smashes fence with girlfriend’s car, punches window with fist

29-year-old Antonio Boykin was charged with vandalism after running over a fence and punching out the rear window of a car belonging to him and his girlfriend.

Man charged after strangling his ex-girlfriend over communication issues

39-year-old Kortney Ball was charged with aggravated assault after he strangled his ex-girlfriend because she asked him to turn off his cell phone.

Car shot at and drove into ditch; woman found with 74 grams of cocaine

32-year-old Darlene Weevie was charged with possession of cocaine with intent and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia after her car was shot at and she crashed into a ditch.

Man charged with child abuse after twisting boy’s arm during argument

23-year-old Mario Moran was charged with child abuse after he got into an argument with his girlfriend and was caught on video by neighbors twisting the arm of her child.

Ex kidnaps woman and tells her he’s going to kill himself and make her watch

33-year-old Vonzell Bryant was charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal contempt for order of protection violation, and aggravated burglary after he followed his ex into her home and trapped her with a knife.

Woman kicks in ex-boyfriend’s door after an argument “sent her into a rage”

26-year-old Jimika Flowers was charged with vandalism after she took a brick to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment door and then kicked it in after arguing with his friend.

Man socks girlfriend in face because she throws shoes at his car

28-year-old Donte Oneal was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend showed up at his place of employment, found him in the car with another woman, and he punched her in the face.