Lauren Maten resists arrest after refusing to pay bill at 400 Degrees in Nashville International Airport

23-year-old Lauren Maten was booked on March 15th after refusing to pay her bill at the 400 Degrees restaurant at Nashville International Airport. Officers located Maten on camera and made contact with her. Maten had alcohol emitting from her breath as she told officers that she had paid her bill. Maten advised that she was at the airport so she could go to rehab. While officers ran the information from her driver’s license, she began acting belligerent, yelling and trying to grab her driver’s license back. Maten was too drunk to comprehend what was happening and ignored the officer’s warnings to stop. She was then placed under arrest and advised officers that being arrested for public intoxication was “not a thing” in Indiana.

Maten continued to yell and began to passively resist by refusing to walk and becoming deadweight. Maten was then placed into a wheelchair to be safely transported to the patrol vehicle. While officers pushed the wheelchair, Maten kept putting her feet on the ground and trying to run away from the officers. Maten did this until she was taken to the ground and carried into the elevator. While officers attempted to place Maten in the backseat of the patrol vehicle, she began kicking them and refused to get in. The officers had to restrain her feet to stop her from kicking so she could be safely transported to booking. Maten was taken into custody for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Mitch Marcello denied boarding at BNA, believes he’s in New Orleans #PublicIntoxication

30-year-old Mitch Marcello was denied boarding Wednesday at the Nashville International Airport due to his state of extreme intoxication. Airport police encountered him near the gate and Marcello had difficulty understanding where he was, believing he was in New Orleans, stating he would just be able to walk home. Unable to care for himself, Marcello was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Nashville Pilot Joel Boyers drunk at airport with a case of White Claws in tow — FlyNash y’all

42-year-old pilot and flight instructor Joel Boyers, who is the co-owner of Helistar Aviation and, was jailed Saturday after he showed up at the airport in an extreme state of intoxication with a case of White Claws. Staff reported he was initially aggressive but had since calmed down, and they were unsure if he was on drugs or just alcohol. He yelled at customers, prompting the call to Airport Police. He became argumentative with officers while holding a can of White Claw in his hand. He agreed to arrange a ride home, but while he was waiting for transportation to arrive, he became disruptive with costumes once again and was taken into custody. We covered Boyers in 2019 when he caused a disruption in a bar when he got drunk and tipped $22,000 to servers in downtown Nashville.

DUI: Lucas Levingston flees from police in Fiat 500

42-year-old Lucas Levingston fled from police after tearing through a blocked section of Donelson Pike this week at a high rate of speed. Officers say Levingston was driving a green Fiat 500 and ignored a line of police cars with flashing lights and emergency equipment activated while protecting an active accident scene. He locked all four wheels and slid to a stop just feet from an Airport Police patrol unit. He then drove away from the scene, and the officers initially lost him. A short time later, Levingston drove back to the same intersection and was stopped by police. He refused to answer any questions and declined all tests. Officers say he reeked of alcohol, was uneasy on his feet, and was obviously intoxicated. He is charged with DUI, evading arrest in a motor vehicle, and violation of the implied consent law.