Remembering Paige Turner – Nashville drag queen dead at 33

Paige Turner / Darrell Myers

Nashville drag legend Paige Turner (Darrell Myers) died on July 4th, 2020, at age 33. Paige was in and out of the local spotlight for years and graced almost every stage at some point in her career, even appearing in Nashville’s fashion model circuit and a Robin Williams movie. She also appeared in the pages of Scoop a few times, and despite hating the coverage, she often disclosed how much it helped her personal growth in some areas of life. There’s one thing for certain – once you met her, you never forgot her.

Drag Queen ‘Bianca Santana Knight’ smashed wall mirror over roommate’s head, police say

Police say 30-year-old Andrew Scott, better known in the South as drag performer ‘Bianca Santana Knight’ was charged with felony domestic aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after screaming “I’ll show you drunk!” then grabbing a mirror from a wall and assaulting his roommate with it.

Nashville Drag Queen Paige Turner (aka Darrell Myers) Arrested for 3rd DUI Overnight

Nashville Drag Queen Paige Tuner, also known as Darrell Lee Myers during the day, was arrested just after 3AM Thursday morning, for a 2nd Offense Driving Under the Influence charge. Myers was released from the Davidson County Jail on a $5,000 bond just after 1PM Thursday. (Mugshot above is from a 2015 THP DUI Arrest in Robertson County of Myers). Even though this is technically the 3rd DUI arrest for Myers, the charge is ‘DUI 2ND OFFENSE’ because his 2nd DUI arrest in Robertson County in 2015 was plead down…