Inmate ‘squat & cough’ results in ‘little pink baggie’ of Fentanyl, pepper spray to anus.

Kenneth Johnson has been in a Davidson County Jail since July of 2017, yet on Friday night he was found with Fentanyl and tobacco in what many call his ‘prison pocket’.

Woman arrested for smuggling drugs to inmate at Nashville jail, via her ‘prison purse’

Teresa Myers, 52, is now her own metro jail cell, until she can post a $7,500 bond. She was initially only there to visit another inmate, Wesley Mullican, however guards became aware she was bringing in drugs in via her lady parts. She is now charged with bringing drugs into a penal institution.

ARREST: Scott Seveland – Drunk & drugs at Double Dogs, felony drug charge

On Sunday night, Scott Seveland was at one of our favorite places, Double Dogs on Charlotte. The only problem was the he was intoxicated on at least one substance, and refused to leave – not even in Uber that he didn’t have to pay for. So last night, Scott Seveland took a trip to jail, where he was charged with not just public intox, but also with a felony for possession of contraband in jail – as he had controlled drugs on his person, that he refused to disclose. This…