Lebanon man with toddler in his vehicle charged with DUI

36-year-old Daniel Blake-Conely was charged with a DUI when he swayed in a circular motion while standing after an officer observed him halfway on the shoulder of I-24, in reverse, with a two-year-old in the vehicle.

Kay Boykin (59) crashes car on Ambien w/3yo g-grandson, claims “old boy” was driving, not her.

59 year old great-grandmother, Kay Boykin, took an Ambien around 5 PM on Thursday. Later that night, just before 11 PM she apparently got hungry, and states she left home to go get something to eat – with her 3 year old great-grandson accompanying her. She would never make it to a restaurant, as she crashed the car in an ‘Ambien Fog’ – and tells police that “old boy” appeared and ask to drive for her, then fled the scene when he crashed the vehicle – despite multiple witnesses observing…