Man says he smoked ‘one blunt’ before crashing car with child inside & impaling another passenger

27-year-old Brandon Duncan faces a multitude of charges after police say that during an interview from the trauma unit at Vanderbilt Hospital, he admitted to smoking “one blunt” several hours before crashing his vehicle near Bellevue, which injured his 2-year-old child on July 2nd, and caused another passenger to be impaled by a stick.

Lebanon man with toddler in his vehicle charged with DUI

36-year-old Daniel Blake-Conely was charged with a DUI when he swayed in a circular motion while standing after an officer observed him halfway on the shoulder of I-24, in reverse, with a two-year-old in the vehicle.

Kay Boykin (59) crashes car on Ambien w/3yo g-grandson, claims “old boy” was driving, not her.

59 year old great-grandmother, Kay Boykin, took an Ambien around 5 PM on Thursday. Later that night, just before 11 PM she apparently got hungry, and states she left home to go get something to eat – with her 3 year old great-grandson accompanying her. She would never make it to a restaurant, as she crashed the car in an ‘Ambien Fog’ – and tells police that “old boy” appeared and ask to drive for her, then fled the scene when he crashed the vehicle – despite multiple witnesses observing…