#GayNashville: Man indicted on sexual battery charge — Dylan ‘Fletcher’ Brown arrested

29-year-old Dylan ‘Fletcher’ Brown is charged with the sexual battery of another person, indicted by the Davidson County Grand Jury. He is free on a $5,000 bond. Fletcher is originally from Russellville, KY.

When Gays Go Wild! Verbal spat turns into $4,000 rage over cheating: Oren Reece #Arrested

Oren Reece went into a ‘rage’ over infidelity, damaged his boyfriend’s iPhone X, and iPad Pro, 2 flatscreens, and multiple walls, & more, totaling $4,060 in damages. On Saturday morning, just before 3 AM, MNPD responded to the Gossett on Church apartments downtown, where Dylan ‘Fletch’ Brown resides. According to a police report, Brown and his boyfriend who was visiting, Oren Reece, had gotten into a verbal argument over cheating, when Reece began throwing Brown’s things about the apartment. In Oren Reece‘s rage, he damaged: 42″ Vizio TV ($700) 55″…