Kroger Tide Pod shoplifter identified by uncle — Caleb Tyus arrested

23-year-old Caleb Tyus is charged with the theft of 10 bags of Tide Pods from a Gallatin Pike Kroger. An employee was able to take a photo of the car he was driving as he fled, and police contacted the registered owner, who was his uncle, Anthony Richardson. The uncle positively identified Caleb as the person from surveillance photos and stated Caleb was in possession of the car during the time of the tide pod boost. Tyus is free on pre-trial release.

East Nashville Resident Enjoys Free Speech – as Long as It’s Hers! Meet Jennifer Ives.

Have you ever met someone that proclaims to love the freedoms we all enjoy, and supports those freedoms – except when they don’t quite align with their own views? Then they think that person’s freedoms should be restricted in some way? Doesn’t quite seem right does it? Seems rather hypocritical, doesn’t it? There’s a few other words we’re sure you could find to describe it, too. It’s like saying that you support transgender individuals using the bathroom they identify with – as long as it’s not a bathroom you’re using.…