Kaydence Armstrong shoots up pawn shop who said she was dressed too provocatively

Police say 18-year-old Kaydence Armstrong entered the Easy Pawn store on Nolensville Pike wearing “provocative clothing” and inquired about pawning a cooler, catching the attention of two employees, Fabiola Perez and Orboll Mendez. The employees told her she was dressed too provocatively and would have to return when dressed more appropriately. She went to her vehicle, retrieved a gun, and fired two shots at each employee through the front windows and doors of the store.

Be gone before I’m home from work: She left & took his TVs — Latasha Black arrested

Eric Savely says he let 32-year-old Latasha Black stay with him for a few days on a temporary basis, and on the last day he requested for her to be gone before he came home from work. She left as he requested, and took both of his televisions with her. Police were able to locate the TVs at a nearby pawn shop, where she used her ID to pawn them for cash. Black is free on pre-trial release.

ARREST: Matthew Turntine Steals $2,115 from Employer, Easy Pawn | Forgery & Theft

Matthew Turntine, an employee of Easy Pawn, was arrested on Wednesday after admitting to internal investigators that he had stolen from his employer, and forged transactions. According to police affidavits, Turntine admitted to an Easy Pawn investigator that he created a fake transaction of $75 in a frequent customer’s name, and took the cash from the fake transaction for himself. For this, Turntine has been charged with Forgery <$1,000. In a second arrest warrant, Turntine admits to taking items from the pawn shop he worked at, and pawning them at…