British Tourist Patrick Doran takes bite of vendor’s hot dog & starts fight downtown

Police say 47-year-old Patrick Doran walked up to a hot dog vendor on Broadway in downtown Nashville, grabbed a hot dog without paying, took a bit of it, and put it back on the cart. The vendor began to argue with Doran, and other street vendors, who Doran and another man had also been harassing, also became involved. Jacob Phillips attempted to intervene when Doran punched him in the face. Doran and the other man involved in the fight, Elliot Williams, fled the scene. A short time later, police came across them during an unrelated incident at a nearby hotel. He was positively identified by his clothing and British accent.

Songwriter & falconer Holly Lamar faces 30 charges after TWRA raids her Wing Blade Falconry

56-year-old Grammy nominee Mary Holladay “Holly” Lamar was booked this week on 30 wildlife-related charges after agents from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA), stemming from a search conducted in August of this year, during which 13 birds of prey were seized from her falconry, Wing Blade Falconry, in Whites Creek. In 2018, Lamar was charged and convicted in England for owning unregistered falcons and for having a dead falcon in her freezer, which was “half-eaten with its leg cut off.” She is banned from owning falcons or birds of prey in the UK.

It was no cup of tea when English couple got into a tussle on Nashville trip

36-year-old Kelly Roberts was charged with domestic assault after she began attacking her husband in a taxi over an argument that began at Honky Tonk Central and found its way back to their room at the Comfort Inn. Kelly punched her husband multiple times, tackled him, and cut his face with a razor and cut her own wrists as well and tried to jump over the railing at the hotel but was saved by her husband.