She unplugged his Xbox, she grabbed his genitals — He went to jail: Isaiah Cooke

22-year-old Isaiah Cooke reportedly struck the mother of his child in the back of her head after she unplugged his Xbox as a motivation to help her pack things so they could leave. After he assaulted her in the head, she then grabbed his genitals in what she says was “self-defense”, and in reaction, he reportedly elbowed her in the nose. Cooke says she only yanked the controller from him and that he simply pulled her to the ground by her hair.

Tim Lankford: President of an EMS Education Non-Profit, Despite Prejudiced Online Comments – TEMSEA

Tim Lankford, who holds the title of District Chief (Supervisor) with the Nashville Fire Department, is also the President of statewide non-profit organization, TEMSEA. An organization whose visions include “to promote and foster the development of effective, professional EMS and EMS education in Tennessee”.  Lankford, who lists himself as ‘President’ of the TEMSEA, recently came under fire when he was found to have made multiple prejudiced posts online about the LGBT community, gay marriage, and the recent transgender equality laws – going as far as to endorse a quote that…