Tivie Greer sells cops fake cocaine on Broadway, brings actual drugs into jail with him

Undercover detectives working the downtown district Friday night approached 31-year-old Tivie Greer and asked to buy some cocaine from him. They agreed on $100, and the transaction occurred at 329 Broadway (Honky Tonk Central). Detectives moved in and took Greer into custody. The white powder he sold police was not actually cocaine or any known drug. Greer was transported to booking and left three small rocks in the patrol car as he exited. These were the actual cocaine and tested positive, along with two additional baggies and some marijuana that was found as he was being processed. Greer is charged with selling counterfeit drugs, possessing actual drugs, and bringing drugs into jail.

Nevaeh Wilson jailed on $26K bond after spitting on Nashville Cop

22-year-old Nevaeh Wilson was jailed on a $26,000 bond Sunday after Metro Nashville Police say she spat in the face of an officer who was buckling her into the patrol car after an arrest for public intoxication. She initially approached officers who were speaking with a street vendor at 5th & Broadway and began to yell and scream. Officers noted her to be extremely intoxicated and placed her under arrest. After spitting on the officer who buckled her in, she refused to provide any identification or identifying information.

Kyra Brady deemed too drunk for Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville responded to a disorderly/intoxicated person call at Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway late Saturday night, where they located 21-year-old Kyra Brady. She was extremely intoxicated and could barely stand. She was unable to care for herself and was transported to booking, where she was charged with public intoxication.

Nashville alcohol too much for Mississippi man — Christopher Hood rowdy near the Ryman

Late Saturday night, Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative made contact with 35-year-old Christopher Hood, from Mississippi, near the Ryman Auditorium. Hood was reportedly unsteady on his feet and reeked of alcohol. Officers say he was completely unable to care for himself and was taken into custody, charged with public intoxication.

Intoxicated woman slices boyfriend with steak knife after accusing him of cheating

30-year-old Sara E. Smith is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after her boyfriend came to spend the night after turkey hunting, and she attacked him first with her hands, then with a steak knife, after accusing him of cheating.