Man hospitalizes ex’s new boyfriend when he answers the door

45-year-old Ricky Buford was charged with attempted criminal homicide after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, Willie Alred, multiple times in the arm, head, and lung.

Man charged after unlocking ex-lover’s door and punching her several times

31-year-old Terrence Moreland was charged with domestic assault after he shoved his ex-girlfriend and punched her multiple times in the face while attempting to retrieve his things from her residence.

Man punches ex in the face and rams into her car while she and her kids are inside

27-year-old Justyn Mcholland was charged with domestic assault and three counts of aggravated assault after ramming into his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle multiple times with her and her children inside after punching her in the face.

Ex-girlfriend tries to rip man out of a vehicle by his hair; settles for breaking the rear window

21-year-old Ronshia Taylor was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after attempting to pull her ex-boyfriend out of his vehicle by the hair and breaking his rear window with a rock.