EXCLUSIVE: Audio of “Weed Hero’s” speech – Judge says TN marijuana laws probably unfair, looks forward to legalization

We now have the exclusive audio from inside the Wilson County, Tennessee, courtroom of Judge Haywood Barry. During a January 27th arraignment, Spencer Boston smoked a joint in open court while pleading his case, and the judge agreed that Tennesee’s marijuana laws are ‘probably unfair’, and will be the ‘happiest man in the world’ if the laws are changed.

Texts From Cory – Ladies (& men) Cory Vaughn Payne Could Be Your Next Swipe!

Without further commentary, we present ‘texts from cory’ – Conversations with Cory Vaughn Payne. Below are his interactions with dozens of Nashville women. Careful how you swipe, you could end up with Cory in your DMs. Yes, these are all real, all sent to us today, it seems a group of fellow ladies got together to share their stories, and we’re sharing them with you. The majority of these texts are sent within a day of knowing them, or completely unsolicited. Buckle your seatbelt, grab some wine, and hold off…