Man charged after slapping co-worker’s buttocks — Eddie Allen #arrested

39-year-old Eddie Allen has been fired from his job and criminally charged with assault after slapping a co-worker on the buttocks, according to a warrant he was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on over the weekend. Allen is free on pre-trial release.

Whites Creek ‘Twice Daily’ clerk shoots shoplifter’s vehicle 3 times with them inside as they flee

27-year-year old Kennetha ‘Michelle’ Blaylock is free on a $30,000 bond after police say she followed a shoplifting couple out of the Whites Creek convenience store she was working at, firing three shots into the wheel wells of the vehicle after both occupants were inside it.

Hermitage man charged for harassing his boss after he gets fired

57-year-old Labronze Floyd was charged with harassment when he threatened his supervisor’s life after she fired him.

Tartufo’s Stripper Chef Brittany Dugger: FIRED! Offfers New “IN HOME Service”

It was only a matter of time, if you’ve followed the story of Brittany Dugger over the past year. It started with assaulting a man outside of a restaurant she worked at, claiming her former ‘military training’ kicked in. It only got worse from there, as it was exposed that she was a former stripper that claimed to be homeless to elicit GoFundMe donations, and help from a stripper’s charity organization, the Nashville Stripper’s Church. A few months later she was spotted back in the strip club, and had to…