Taz Kalowala jailed for DUI after mailbox crash with pants around her ankles

44-year-old Tasmeen ‘Taz’ Kalowala was jailed on a multitude of charges after being found driving with her pants around her ankles. Police received multiple calls about her driving, one of which was a report of her striking a custom-built stone mailbox of a two-million-dollar estate on Harding Place and fleeing the scene while leaving parts of her car behind, including the BMW emblem. Officers located her seven miles away on Highway 70 S, where more calls came in about her driving. After observing her continued erratic driving, officers conducted a traffic stop, finding Kalowala in the driver’s seat with her pants around her ankles, and soaked with urine. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated she had consumed “two drinks” several hours earlier. Once at booking, Kalowala urinated on herself a second time and vomited in the Sally port.