Shondarrius Cook charged with DUI after drinking in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Shondarrius Cook says he drank Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon, and had a shot of tequila in downtown Nashville late Saturday night before as he blew through an intersection, nearly hitting a Metro Nashville Police patrol car that was at the intersection. As he slammed on his brakes, Cook was rear-ended by another vehicle. Cook attempted to drive away from the scene until the officer activated his siren. The vehicle reportedly reeked of marijuana, and Cook was confused about the interaction with police and had trouble forming complete and coherent phrases. He did advise he was coming from downtown, and officers noted a red stamp from a club was on his hand. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and when he learned he was going to be taken into custody, he attempted to run, and it took additional officers to contain him. Officers also located a small amount of marijuana (3.8 grams) in the vehicle.

Nashville Police arrest Kaley Lee as she’s attempting to ride in ambulance with sister

32-year-old Kaley Lee was jailed early Sunday morning in downtown Nashville after she pushed by police in an effort to get into an ambulance that was about to transport her sister. The two were outside of Legends Corner on Broadway in downtown Nashville when medics determined her sister needed to be transported and loaded her into an ambulance. Lee was adamant about riding in the ambulance with her sister, but Nashville Fire medics denied her request. She screamed for officers to “Let go of me!” as she attempted to be with her sister, and they took her into custody and booked her into the jail with an eight-hour hold for public intoxication.

Alejandro Vasquez charged after drunkenly interfering with police & medics at Kid Rock’s Bar

Metro Nashville Police and Fire responded to an incident at Kid Rock’s Bar late Friday night where they were assisting a patron turned patient. The patient’s friend, 23-year-old Alejandro Vasquez, began interfering with medics while also being extremely intoxicated from alcohol. After multiple requests for him to give them space and step away, he was eventually so combative that officers decided to detain him. As they attempted to place Vasquez in handcuffs, he tensed up and pulled away from the officers, and they eventually took him to the ground in order to gain compliance. He refused to be placed into a patrol car, and it took multiple officers multiple attempts to get him transported to booking, where he continued to be combative with officers.

Tourist Brendan Kirby deemed too drunk for CMA Fest weekend in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative during CMA Fest this weekend responded to 211 Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning to find 32-year-old Brendan Kirby laying behind a kiosk on the ground. Officers attempted to check on his welfare, and he was found to be extremely intoxicated and unable to care for himself in the middle of downtown Nashville. Kirby was unable to stand on his own two feet without assistance and was transported to booking to be charged with public intoxication.

Woman charged in assault & harassment of ex-girlfriend — Stasha Waters arrested

Metro Police say 21-year-old Stasha Waters was arguing with her ex-girlfriend, Johna Foxx, were arguing inside a vehicle when Waters reportedly pushed her hands onto Foxx’s face then punched her in the mouth before grabbing her by the hair and also punching the back of her head. Foxx says Waters then drive up and down her street several times after the fight ended and Facetimed her to show her a handgun, stating “I have something for you”.

Drunk man walks up to cops on Broadway, leans on an officer, refuses to leave — Dylan Cosner #PublicIntoxication

Metro Nashville Police say they were speaking to a group of citizens on Broadway in downtown Nashville when 23-year-old Dylan Scott Cosner walked up, stumbled around swaying, leans on an officer for balance, bumped into the other people, and was belligerent. Officers asked him to move along with his friends, but he refused and became verbally aggressive. He was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with public intoxication.