DUI: Jordan Cunningham charged after 2 a.m. East Nashville crash

Metro Police were dispatched to an accident just before 2 a.m. Thursday at 1111 Gallatin Ave, where they found 24-year-old Jordan Cunningham unsteady on her feet and swaying back and forth. She had rear-ended another vehicle, causing injuries. Police say she reeked of alcohol and stated she had “one drink at work” before she left at 11 p.m. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking after submitting to a blood test at Metro General.

East Nashville woman achieves highest BAC ever reported on Scoop: Nashville — Emily Warren

A concerned citizen observed 31-year-old Emily Warren drunk driving while nearly passed out near the intersection of N 11th St and Gallatin Ave in East Nashville. They convinced her to pull to the side of the road and took the keys from her ignition while waiting on police to arrive. Officers made contact with the woman, who told them she had one “tiki drink.” She was unable to complete field sobriety tests due to her level of intoxication. Once at booking, she blew a 0.372% BAC on a breathalyzer test — more than four times the legal limit. A range of 0.35% to 0.40% generally represents potentially fatal alcohol poisoning. 0.40% is the accepted lethal dose for about 50% of adult humans.

DUI: The Crying Wolf Bar Co-Owner Erica Ness blows .232 BAC after striking utility pole near work

41-year-old Erica Ness, co-owner of Nashville’s The Crying Wolf Bar blew a .232 BAC in the early hours of Saturday morning after crashing her vehicle into a utility pole on Gallatin Ave. That’s nearly three times the legal limit of .08 BAC in Tennessee. She is charged with DUI, and free on pre-trial release.