Demonte McGee booked after police find firearm, pills during traffic stop

26-year-old Demonte Deshawn McGee rode as a passenger in a car that the police pulled over near 14th Avenue North and Ireland Street on March 7th. During the traffic stop, officers searched McGee and located a firearm and several pills. McGee told officers he takes the pills despite not having a prescription. McGee was cited for the incident that day. McGee was booked on the citations for the unlawful possession of a weapon and simple possession on April 5th.

Jermavyon Frierson nearly hits pedestrian fleeing from police, tells officers “Yeah, I seen him”

24-year-old Jermavyon Levonte Frierson almost drove into a pedestrian behind Willie B’s Kitchen and Lounge before running through a flashing red light at the 9th Avenue North and Garfield Street intersection early December 30th. Officers observed this and tried to conduct a traffic stop, but Frierson was able to evade them successfully. Officers discovered the address registered to the vehicle, went there, and located the owner to ask about the incident. The registered owner went upstairs to get Frierson, who then advised officers that he fled because he did not have a license and that he had marijuana on him. Frierson also noted that he had discarded the marijuana. Officers told Frierson that he almost struck a citizen when he was fleeing police, and he replied, “Yeah, I seen him.” The registered owner told officers that Frierson came home with a backpack and consented to a search through it, but they could not locate it. Frierson was taken into custody for tampering with evidence and evading arrest.

Young man spotted with pistol tucked in pants runs from police when approached

19-year-old Deatric Woods was charged with theft of property, evading arrest, and unlawful possession of a weapon after he ran from police and ditched a gun.