Arizona woman arrested for being drunk & disorderly at Garth Brooks concert in Nashville — Dorothy Weaver

Police assistance was requested for 30-year-old Dorothy Weaver, due to her level of disorderly behavior at the Garth Brooks concert at Nissan Stadium. When officers arrived she continued to be verbally abusive and belligerent to them, as she had been previously with security and patrons at the concert. She is charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Jason Maneval Arrested for Cocaine & Assault on Female after Garth Concert

Jason Maneval, owner of BNA Techology Solutions, was arrested on Christmas Eve just after 3AM, with cocaine, paraphernalia, and for assault on the female he was with, after they left the Garth Brooks concert. According to MNPD, the defendant (Jason Maneval) made it seem as if nothing had happened, however officers observed multiple visible injuries to the female victim he was with. She had scratches on both hands and the left side of her face. Her left arm (bicep area) had a large bruise that was red and still swelling.…