NY Cop Jesse Calgcagni jailed after assaulting off-duty MJPD cop working security downtown

A Mount Juliet Police Officer working a security job at a downtown Nashville bar late Saturday night says the security team was escorting a patron out of the venue when a member of that patron’s friend group, 31-year-old off-duty NY police officer Jesse Calgcagni, became aggressive and jumped on the back of one of the security staff members and began to push the others. He was quickly tackled and escorted downstairs and restrained by security in the alley until Metro Nashville Police Officers arrived. They noted he reeked of alcohol and was repeatedly yelling, “Are you Metro?” Calcagni was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Jennifer Wall removes roommate’s security camera & smashes it with an axe #Arrested

30-year-old Jennifer Wall is charged with vandalism after police responded to the Wales Ct. home she and a roommate share. The roommate, Luigi Bellavita, contacted police when he returned home from the store to find the security camera from the living room had been removed and destroyed, with part of the outer shell casing located in the backyard. Officers asked Wall what happened to the camera, and she stated she felt the camera was an invasion of her privacy so she removed it and smashed it with an axe. She was transported to jail and charged with vandalism.

Donna Robinson’s alcohol tolerance met its match in Downtown Nashville

35-year-old Donna Robinson was charged with public intoxication after police say she was walking on the sidewalk near 3rd & Broadway in downtown Nashville then suddenly began running into the roadway screaming and displaying erratic behavior. Officers attempted to calm her down but she seem to become increasingly intoxicated and was unable to stand on her own and reeked of alcohol.

Woman charged with striking mother with kitchen pan when confronted about drug use — Jaqueline Galvan Rubio

22-year-old Jaqueline Galvin Rubio is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after her mother says Jacqueline used a frying pan to strike her after an argument about drug use. A police report shows that Jaqueline initially grabbed a knife to use toward her mother, but ended up cutting herself with it, by mistake. She is free on a $7,500 bond.