Jonathan Shannon strikes woman in face because dinner wasn’t made when he got home

49-year-old Jonathon Shannon was involved in a domestic altercation with Buckner Latoya at a Glenmeade Drive residence on June 1st. When officers arrived, they spoke with Latoya, who stated that she had spoken with Shannon earlier in the day, telling him that there was meat to make tacos but that she needed other ingredients. Latoya then told officers that Shannon had left the residence to go to the liquor store. When Shannon returned, he became upset that dinner had not been made because he was hungry. Shannon then struck Latoya in the face with his palm, causing her upper lip to bleed and become swollen. Latoya then called the police, causing Shannon to flee the scene. A warrant was issued for Shannon’s arrest that day. Shannon was taken into custody for domestic assault on June 12th.