All he had to do was walk away — William Dutertredelmarcq, arrested

22-year-old William Dutertredelmarcq was reportedly trespassing at the Grand Hyatt Hotel at 1000 Broadway in downtown Nashville, and police responded to the scene. Security advised that William was in an altercation with two hotel guests and had been asked to leave, a request which he was refusing. Officers detained him in a patrol car while they further investigated, and neither guest wanted to prosecute for the assault. Hotel security also didn’t want to prosecute for the trespass, and since they didn’t have a waiver on file, police could not prosecute on their behalf. Officer released him and told him he could go absolutely anywhere in the city, other than the hotel from which he was just given notice of trespass. He exited the patrol car, stood on the sidewalk for a few moments, and went inside the hotel.

Tourist tells hotel staff what they can suck & then pulls a gun; upset over room — Bryce Barlow $25K Bond

28-year-old Bryce Barlow now faces 3 felony charges after he arrived at the Grand Hyatt Nashville hotel Tuesday heavily intoxicated and telling staff members precisely what they could suck, then taking out his weapon and threatening to shoot them. Barlow was reportedly upset he was given a room with two queen beds instead of a single king.

Barlow was released after 4 hours in booking, on a $25,000 bond.