George Garas rips wife’s shoes after argument tells police she “did not deserve to wear them”

43-year-old George Garas had a domestic incident with his wife, Nadia Farag, at their Hamilton Church Road apartment on the morning of February 27th. Farag spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that Garas threw most of their food away and tore a pair of her shoes apart following an argument. Officers noticed food and a pair of damaged pink Crocs scattered on their floor. As they left, Garas returned to the scene and admitted to ripping Farag’s shoes, stating that she “Did not deserve to wear them.” Garas was taken into custody for vandalism.

Man sells neighbor’s stolen iPad for $4.00; charged with aggravated burglary

24-year-old Keith Caldwell Jr was charged with aggravated burglary after he stole multiple items from his neighbor who lives in the apartment beneath his.