DUI: Tranita McCullough charged after speeding through Belle Meade

34-year-old Tranita McCullough was jailed on April 9th after speeding and swerving in and out of lanes on Harding Pike. When Belle Meade Police police pulled her over, they could smell a distinct odor of alcohol coming from her body. She told police she was coming from a bar and that she had two drinks. McCullough agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. She then revised her statement and told police that she had 3-4 drinks. She blew a .15% BAC on a breathalyzer and was taken to booking.

DUI: Sierra Day drove drunk at night in Belle Meade

26-year-old Sierra Day says she had “several glasses of wine” before driving in the early hours of Saturday morning. Belle Meade Police were blocking an intersection at Harding Pike and Lynnwood Blvd due to a fallen tree, causing the intersection to have no traffic lights. Day reportedly drove through the intersection at full speed, despite police cars with lights activated, and nearly struck one of the cruisers. A traffic stop was conducted, during which she reportedly reeked of alcohol and later performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Saul Arambula test drives car & doesn’t come back

29-year-old Saul Arambula stole a test drive vehicle. On the 25th, Belle Meade Police received a notification for a stolen vehicle near Harding Place and conducted a traffic stop. Officers made contact with the driver, who had inquired about the purchase of the car through a private sale by the owner. Arambula test-drove the vehicle and never returned it.

Anthony Rizzo charged with 3 a.m. DUI on New Year’s day in Belle Meade

23-year-old Anthony Joseph Rizzo was pulled over by Belle Meade Police Officer Hayley Doty for displaying expired tags/registration at 3:14 a.m. on January 1st. He reportedly appeared intoxicated and stated he consumed alcohol earlier in the day and was currently coming from downtown Nashville. Rizzo performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and was transported to Metro General for a blood draw and then to booking where he was charged with DUI.

DUI: Dylan Yost says he drank one Tallboy Bud Light Seltzer before blowing double legal limit

40-year-old Dylan Yost was stopped for driving with expired tags and weaving between lanes earlier this month. As the officer approached the vehicle, he said he could smell alcohol coming from Yost and the vehicle. Yost admitted to consuming one “Tallboy Bud Light Seltzer” after his shift at work and before driving. Yost blew a 0.16% BAC, double the legal limit, and was charged with DUI.

DUI: John Bostwick says he just left Red Door Saloon but didn’t drink anything; BAC disagrees

Police say 24-year-old John A. Bostwick was traveling 83 mph in a 40 mph zone at 1:46 a.m. Wednesday on Harding Pike. Officer Haley Doty initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, driven by Bostwick, and noted the immediate smell of alcohol. Bostwick stated he was coming from the Red Door Saloon but denied drinking any alcohol while he was there. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.12% BAC on a breathalyzer. He was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Belle Meade DUI: Eric Grimsley believed he was in Sumner County

34-year-old Eric Grimsley was charged with DUI late Saturday night after he was initially pulled over for a broken headlight and swerving on the roadway. As Officer Hayley Doty approached the vehicle and spoke with Grimsley, she smelled alcohol and noted his slurred speech. He became argumentative during field sobriety tests and eventually refused to complete them. Despite the traffic stop occurring in Belle Meade, Grimsley stated he believed he was in Sumner County.

Brittany Cline charged with DUI in Belle Meade — White Claws & Modello Tallboy open in vehicle

30-year-old Brittany Nicole Cline was stopped by Belle Meade Police just after 1 a.m. Friday due to an expired tag on her vehicle. As Officer Haley Doty spoke with Cline during the traffic stop, she could smell alcohol coming from Cline’s breath and noticed a Modelo tallboy in the center cup holder and 4 empty White Claw cans along with a variety pack of unopened cans. Cline performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was unable to provide a proper sample for a breathalyzer, despite three attempts. She was charged with DUI and transported to booking.

Destiny Bradfield found hiding under a blanket after getting spiked & fleeing police

At 1:35 a.m. Sunday, officers attempted a traffic stop on 22-year-old Destiny Amari Bradfield after clocking her traveling at 67 mph in a 40 mph zone on Harding Pike. She initially stopped, and as an officer approached her window, she fled at a high rate of speed. Ten minutes later, Belle Meade PD observed her turning into the one-way entry of a neighborhood and were able to lay spike strips across the exit. She drove almost a quarter-mile after crossing the spike strips, then fled from the vehicle on foot after abandoning the vehicle in a random driveway — leaving her wallet full of identification cards in the front seat. A short time later, another vehicle approached the abandoned vehicle traveling extremely slowly. During a traffic stop, Bradfield was found pretending to be asleep under a blanket in the back seat of that car.

Designated driver charged with DUI after Belle Meade crash, blows .119 BAC — Alexandria Dearmon

22-year-old Alexandria Dearmon was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Monday morning by Belle Meade Police Officer Hayley Doty. Dearmon, who crashed her vehicle at 2:02 a.m., explained that she had only consumed one tequila sunrise at a local bar, and was driving another individual home from the bar. Despite her role as the ‘designated driver, Dearmon blew a 0.119 BAC and had multiple empty alcoholic beverage containers in her vehicle. She is free on pre-trial release.