Ryan Goree charged after ripping off shirt, punching & wrestling another grown man in downtown Nashville

Officers working the downtown Entertainment District Initiative (EDI) found 29-year-old Ryan Robert Goree, from Nevada, in a fight near Broadway & 3rd Ave just before 2 a.m. where he and another individual had ripped off their shirts and began punching each other with closed fists and wrestling in the middle of the street. Goree was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Phoebe Tillemans charged with DUI after crash in Nashville

21-year-old Phoebe Tillemans was booked into jailed overnight, and charged with DUI after police say she was intoxicated and crashed her vehicle on I-65 North, and admitted to drinking prior to driving. When asked about the details of the crash, she began telling a story about how she was out with friends but none of the times she recounted it did she ever get close to the car crash part of the story. She also admitted to taking Vyvanse. Tillemans performed poorly on field sobriety tests and refused further testing after admitting to having “3 or 4” drinks of wine.