DUI Crash: Robert Baugh “pleads the fifth” when asked how much he had to drink after midtown show

28-year-old Robert Baugh says he was coming from a show in midtown, where he had been drinking, when he swerved to pass a vehicle in East Nashville, impacted a wall, and spun around. Multiple witnesses came to his immediate aid to find him unresponsive. As police and medics arrived he became alert and when asked how much had had to drink, he stated: “I plead the fifth”. He thought he was on I-40 and was unable to stand without swaying. Inside the vehicle, officers located an empty bottle of Hennessy, and a nearly empty bottle of Jim Beam Whiskey.

DUI: Roshan Tamang admits to 4-5 shots of Hennessy prior to Antioch crash

26-year-old Roshan Tamang says he had 4-5 shots of Hennessy prior to losing control of his vehicle and striking rock wall on Blue Hole Road in Antioch early Sunday morning. Police say both he and the vehicle “reeked” of alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests, hopping, swaying, and wobbling during them.

Woman wants to know if ‘racist’ cops can even spell her name after DUI crash— Dre’Daya Holloway

Police responded to a single-car crash just before 3 a.m. and found 21-year-old Dre’Daya Holloway sitting inside her vehicle which she had crashed into a utility pole. Police say she was extremely intoxicated, hysterical, and rambling incoherently. She was belligerent with first responders, accusing police of being racist, and questioned if they could properly spell her name. She repeatedly asked why they had not found the vehicle that hit her, despite there being no other vehicle. She frequently responded to radio traffic on the police radio as if it were meant for her. She eventually admitted to believing she was on the TSU Campus and had just come from a party where she had been drinking Hennessy.

Man admits to drinking 2 bottles of Hennessy while driving; blows .199 BAC

28-year-old Adam Abdo was charged with driving under the influence of an after he crashed his vehicle in a front lawn on Mossdale Drive and told police he was “confused” with the directions given by his GPS.