Cameron Tate charged in assault of girlfriend in Antioch

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to screams coming from an apartment on Hickory Club Drive on Monday afternoon, and as they knocked on the door, Chelsea Raymond opened it stating “thank god!” and ran from the apartment. She had obvious injuries to her face, cuts on her knuckles on both hands, and redness and swelling on her leg, in addition to small cuts under her jaw and on her neck. She states she lives there with her boyfriend/father of her child, 23-year-old Cameron Tate. She says Tate was attempting to apologize after she found videos of other females on his phone, however she was ending the relationship so he demanded she provide a notarized statement about their custody agreement if they were breaking up. She says he attempted to take the child from her and pushed her down on the bed. She says he then wrapped a pillow case around his hand to avoid leaving more bruises as he assaulted her.

Woman rams gate of Antioch Apartments when she feels threatened by security, she’s arrested — Emi Amador Canales

19-year-old Emi Amador Canales arrived at her gated apartment community, The Club Apartments in Antioch, at 4 a.m. but was unable to get the gate to open. She began honking her horn, alerting AEGIS Security Officer Jonathan Rickaway who began shining a light in her car, and causing the situation to quickly escalate as words were exchanged and she smacked the flashlight from his hand, hitting him in the arm. Taking offense to her reaction, Rickaway took it upon himself to reach into her vehicle and attempt to put her vehicle in park.

In reaction to a man reaching inside her vehicle, she began fighting Rickaway and eventually rammed the gates with her vehicle in an attempt to flee away from this security guard. Rickaway got one cuff on her arm during the struggle, however, she escaped to the backseat and grabbed her loaded handgun. Police eventually arrived and charged Canales with assault and vandalism. Rickaway faced no charges. Canales is free on pre-trial release.