Isaac Jameson busted in underage drunken & drug-induced rampage in downtown Nashville

20-year-old Isaac Jameson faces multiple charges after Metro Nashville Police say admitted to being “on drugs” in addition to underage drinking while in downtown Nashville. Jameson was initially observed stumbling on Broadway when a bouncer from a nearby club advised Jameson was pushing other citizens and accusing one of taking his money.

Jameson attempted to enter multiple downtown bars and was successfully blocked by security until he reached Second Fiddle Saloon, where he was able to push past security and enter the bar area, which is where police caught up with him as he was in a physical fight with bouncers. Body camera footage shows him yelling “f*/k you!” to police as he attempts to pull away from them. He was transported to Metro General for medical clearance, where he continued to resist personnel, and then transported to booking.

Cassie Plair found passed out behind wheel of SUV with small bag of white powdery substance

33-year-old Cassie Maria Plair was found by first responders passed out behind the wheel of her vehicle at exit 92 on I-65 in the very early hours of Monday Morning. She was described as “slumped over with her mouth open” by callers to 911, and when officers arrived, they couldn’t wake her despite many minutes of attempts. As the vehicle was still in drive, first responders had to carefully secure the vehicle from moving and then used a bright strobing light which eventually worked as Plair opened her eyes. When asked where she was, she explained that she had just been pulled over for a traffic stop, as if everything was perfectly normal, and she had no concept of the lost time. She then became verbally combative and argumentative, according to officers on the scene. She even stated, “Do you realize the people driving past are more drunk than I am? She admitted to having one vodka drink earlier and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. As she was being booked into DCSO, she surrendered a small baggie containing a white powdery substance to officers.

Elias Olea snorts meth, smashes angel, says he’s opening & closing gates of hell in Madison

30-year-old Elias Olea told Nashville police he snorted “a whole bunch of crystal meth” and was “opening and closing the gates of hell” after he ripped the screen off a window and smashed out three glass window panes of a home on Gibson Drive. He also destroyed the resident’s garden angel. Officers located him barefoot and clenching his shorts tightly with both hands. He is charged with vandalism and public intoxication. Olea was indicted in 2018 for a 2009 First Degree Murder case, however, in 2021, Glenn Funk’s office nolled the case.