Natangel Maldonado sells beer to a minor at Cancun Mexican Cantina Restaurant

60-year-old Natangel Maldonado sold alcohol to a minor on May 5th at Cancun Mexican Cantina Restaurant located on Highway 70 South. Law enforcement found that Maldonado sold a 20-year-old a Michelob Ultra without checking her ID. He was cited for the violation and booked on the citation of sale to a minor on June 4th.

Kylan Goliday throws phone in girlfriend’s face during argument about breaking up

20-year-old Kylan Goliday had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Tyonna Cox, at the Forrest Apartment Complex parking lot on Highway 70 South in the early hours of June 1st. Officers observed both parties swinging at each other but could not determine who initiated the scuffle or if they were hit. They spoke with Goliday, who initially said nothing physical happened between him and Cox before changing his story, stating that he threw his phone at her and accidentally hit her in the face. Cox confirmed Goliday threw the phone at her during an argument about ending their relationship, and she swung at him but missed. Goliday was then deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Father-to-be tells ex-girlfriend “I’m going to kill you and that baby”; per report

25-year-old William Petway was charged with false imprisonment and two counts of aggravated assault after he strangled his pregnant ex-girlfriend, slammed her into a wall, and placed his knee on her stomach.

Man found engaging in early morning “door” play

19-year-old Seth Russell was charged with 2 counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and public intoxication after police found him at Royal Range USA “appearing to manipulate the door.”