Jacob Conway squares up to Nashville cop & drunkenly asks “are you ready to go?”

23-year-old Jacob Conway refused to leave Honky Tonk Central late Wednesday night after an altercation inside the bar. Security staff told Conway and a person he was with to leave the venue multiple times before Metro Nashville Police became involved. Officers noted Conway was visibly intoxicated, and as he approached Officer Daughtry, he asked, “Are you ready to go?” and assumed a fighting stance while cursing at the officer. Conway was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Matthew Jacobson jailed after being bounced from Honky Tonk Central

39-year-old tourist Matthew Jacobson was kicked out of Honkey Tonk Central late Thursday night on Broadway in downtown Nashville and told not to return due to his disorderly and aggressive behavior towards staff. Just after midnight, Jacobson returned to the bar and attempted to get back inside while being aggressive with security once again. He was told he could not enter, and nearby Metro Nashville Police officers observed him to be highly intoxicated and having trouble standing. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Andrew Murray brutally beats another teen during homophobic rampage in Antioch

18-year-old Andrew Murray reportedly approached Robbie Simonik at the Elm Hill RV Resort on Bell Road on June 2 and asked, “Why do you keep looking at me? Are you gay or something?” The victim stated he didn’t want any trouble and walked away from Murray. Murry then followed the victim, suddenly pushed his body against a tree, and held him there. Murray then punched the victim in the face, head, and chest until he was unconscious, leaving severe contusions, a concussion, and possible facial bone fractures.

Mayor David Briley Proclaims Friday, April 27 Preds Pride Day

Mayor David Briley has proclaimed Friday, April 27 Preds Pride Day in celebration of the opening game of the Nashville Predators’ Stanley Cup second-round series against the Winnipeg Jets and, confident in his odds, has made a bet with Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman. “Under the agreement, the losing mayor – Mayor Bowman – will turn over full control of his mayoral Twitter account to the victorious Mayor for one hour, and I look forward to reaching out to the good people of Winnipeg in this manner,” – Mayor Briley. Mayor…

DUI: Jon Robb, Co-Founder of Music City Light Beer & Copper Kettle Arrested.

Jon Robb, co-founder of Music City Light Beer (Nashville Beer Co) & Copper Kettle, was arrested early Monday morning for DUI, Implied Consent(criminal), Weapon Under the Influence, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. According to a police report, on 03/12/18 around 0240 hours, MNPD responded to the intersection of Woodland St / S 5th St for a traffic crash involving a gray Hyundai and a utility pole, called in by a passerby. When police arrived, the gray Hyundai was no longer at the intersection. Police canvassed the area and…