Whip-It Canister & 100+ empty cartridges found in lap of man passed out behind the wheel #IWantMyLawyer

34-year-old Nicholas Beaty was found passed out behind the wheel of a white Mini Cooper with a whip-it canister and over 100 empty cartridges in his lap and front seat area of the vehicle. The keys were in the ignition and the music was blaring. To his right sat two empty Bud Light Lime bottles. Police say he was “angry, agitated, and dazed” when they shook him awake, and refused each and every question, simply demanding his lawyer.

Serial huffer strikes again… this time at Target

23-year-old Angelina Puryear was charged with inhaling or possessing to inhale fumes and theft of merchandise after she was found huffing an air duster in a Target bathroom on Lebanon Pike.

Police find woman on bathroom floor; empty cans of air duster beside her

23-year-old Angelina Puryear is charged with inhaling or possessing to inhale fumes (aka ‘huffing’) after she walked into an Office Depot, took cans off the shelf, and retreated to the restroom to use them.

DMT, Magic Mushrooms, Heroin, Nitrous Oxide, and Widespread Panic, Oh My!

Grateful Donuts Shop owner Sean Culwell came to Nashville for the Widespread Panic concert this weekend, and brought more than sweet treats with him. Metro Police found him huffing nitrous oxide with heroin,psychedelic mushrooms, DMT powder, and an assortment of other drugs.

Man Huffing ‘Endust’ arrested for 3rd DUI says “I deserve the punishment I get”.

Officers found driver Ryan M Criss with a can of ‘Endust’ up close to his face in the driver’s side of the vehicle, which was cold to the touch. Criss admitted he had been ‘huffing’ for the past several hours, and stated that was ‘probably’ the reason he lost control of his vehicle.

HUFFING ARREST: Daykoda Martin “Passed out behind the wheel Cuddling a can of compressed air”

Officers found a passed out Daykoda Martin behind the wheel of his vehicle, covered in urine & vomit, cuddling a can of compressed air. Just before 3AM Wednesday morning, MNPD officers were dispatched to the Walmart located on N Gallatin Pike for the defendant inhaling compressed air. Upon arriving officers spoke with Walmart security who stated the defendant drove over to the Zaxby’s parking lot. Officers located Daykoda Martin in the vehicle passed out behind the wheel cuddling a can of compressed air with the keys in the ignition. Upon…

12th Huffing Arrest: Brandon Gibson, Put Down The Duster

The call text read: MALE TRESPASSING, PANTS PULLED DOWN, HUFFING DUSTER. On Wednesday, that’s exactly what Offer Betty of the MNPD found when he arrived to the Arcade alley downtown. Brandon Gibson was found lying on the ground of the Arcade alley, his lower body exposed, and still huffing a can of compressed air duster.  Officer Betty attempted to help Gibson to his feed, according to a police report, and even gave him the opportunity to walk away without being arrested. However, Gibson refused to comply, and started making aggressive…