Teenage trio charged in attempted burglary — Bryce Orr, Lesean Shye, William York

On April 4th, Emad Henary called police to report he was watching a live security feed of 3 teens outside his Stop-N-Shop market at 5100 Indiana Ave attempting to break into the front door of the business. Officers quickly responded and located the 3 individuals, identified as Bryce Orr, William York, and Lesean Shye, each 18-years-old. Officers viewed the footage which showed a chain on the front door and the trio attempting to gain entry. They claim the owner asked them to come so they could talk about a “past incident”, however one of the trio admitted to detectives they came to the location to rob the store. Each teen is charged with attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools. As Shye was being escorted to the patrol car he fled and was re-captured after a brief foot pursuit. He is additionally charged with escaping custody.