Derek Heiar charged with assaulting woman, forcing her down steps, and falling into shower

Police responded to St Thomas Midtown Hospital this weekend where Marissa Demarco arrived with injuries and reported that 38-year-old Derek Heiar and she had gotten into an argument at their Wedgewood apartment at 4 a.m. during which he grabbed her and dragged her down the stairs while they struggled. They both ended up falling into the shower. She was in fear and waiting until she arrived at a safe place to report the assault. Officers documented her injuries including grab marks and bruising on her left and right arms and scratches from the struggle.

Amanda Parker charged with assault of fiance Reid Westerhoff during trip to Nashville

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to a West Nashville Best Western just before 6 a.m. Saturday after calls came in about a woman screaming. Officers spoke with Amanda Parker, who turned 23-year-old today, who advised she was extremely intoxicated and wasn’t really sure why she was covered in splatter from an alcoholic drink, or why she was arguing with her fiance, Reid Westerhoff. Westerhoff, was presented with visible injuries, explained they had been out at a bar and she came back to the hotel before him, and his later return woke her up. She became upset, swung at him, causing a drink to land on them and all around the room, and left visible marks and scratches on his chest and face. She was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault.

Iowa man deemed too drunk to fly Southwest Airlines, arrested at BNA— Matthew Weiner

44-year-old Matthew Weiner, of Sioux City, Iowa, was jailed on a disorderly conduct charge after Nashville Airport Police were advised he was heavily intoxicated aboard a Southwest Airlines aircraft. Airline staff escorted him off the place and he was denied re-boarding for the remainder of the day, at which time he began “flipping off” other passengers, employees, and onlookers while using profanity loudly. He refused directives to leave the secured area of the airport on his own and was taken into custody.

#DAYDRUNK: Tourist found laid out on the sidewalk of Margaritaville — Colin Gavin

Nashville Police found 24-year-old Colin Gavin, of Ft. Collins, CO., on the sidewalk of Margaritaville in downtown Nashville Saturday at 6:32 p.m. He reportedly did not know where he was, nor where his friends were.