Maria Navarro jailed after fighting in front of Jack’s Bar-B-Que in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Maria Navarro was seen fighting in front of Jack’s Bar-B-Que on June 23rd. Officers observed Navarro and others fighting and quickly intervened to separate the parties. When officers ordered everyone to stop, Navarro continued to be aggressive and ignored the order to put her hands behind her back. Navarro continued to resist putting her hands behind her back, but officers eventually were able to detain her safely. When questioned by officers, Navarro was verbally aggressive towards them and refused to answer any questions. Officers observed that she was having trouble maintaining her balance as other signs that she was intoxicated. Authorities deemed that Maria Navarro was a danger to herself and the people around her, so she was placed under arrest for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Tourists arrested after Broadway fight smashes out front window of Jack’s Bar-B-Que — Joshua Trufley & Shane Smith

24-year-old Joshua Trufley & 27-year-old Shane Smith, both tourists from Butler, Pennsylvania, were both jailed this weekend after the pair got into a fight in front of Jack’s Bar-B-Que on the 400 block of Broadway in downtown Nashville, which smashed out the front window of the business.