“Street Dad” James Baker confesses love to woman, sexually threatens her with baton

60-year-old James Baker sexually threatened Katherina Wrather with a baton at his East Old Hickory Boulevard apartment on July 8th. Wrather told responding officers she was hanging out with her friend, Lucas McClain, and his “street dad,” Baker, who looks after him. Then, she stated they went out to get a dog that one of their friends found with Wrather’s girlfriend, Jenna Brown. They all went to a WeGo station for a bus they were taking when Baker decided he did not want to hang out with Brown anymore since he thought she was annoying. After this, Baker, McClain, and Wrather got onto the bus and went to Baker’s apartment. Wrather slept in the room nearest the door and woke up to Baker lying next to her, confessing his love to her. ¬†Wrather said Baker told her how happy she made him, but she did not share the same interest because he was too old. Then, when she tried to leave, Baker stated she could not go because she did not have a bus pass anymore since she lost it and that he would be her transportation going further. Wrather said that she texted Brown and had her come up with a story about one of her family members being in the hospital so she could leave. Baker told her she could go but that he would be coming with her and that they’d leave on his time, not hers. Then, Wrather said Baker pulled out a small baton, tapped her leg lightly, and threatened to use it as a whip for punishment, putting her in fear of bodily harm. Officers spoke with McClain, who corroborated Wrather’s statements, adding that he was “just there so nothing got too intense.” After this, the police observed messages between Brown and Wrather about Baker’s past actions of undressing women in their sleep and how Brown saw Baker cornering her to separate her from Wrather. Baker was then taken into custody for kidnapping.

James Baker jailed after drunken argument with girlfriend in downtown Nashville

32-year-old James Baker was arrested for being belligerent with officers after an argument with his girlfriend in downtown Nashville. On Mar 5th, officers tried to de-escalate an argument between Baker and his girlfriend at 1st & Broadway. Baker then became irate and belligerent and started yelling at officers. He was unsteady on his feet, and officers could smell alcohol coming from his breath. Due to Baker’s behavior with his girlfriend and visibly intoxicated state, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.