James Battle breaks sister’s glasses after slapping them off her face, per report

19-year-old James Battle was jailed on March 27th for allegedly smacking his little sister in the face after she asked him to pick his clothes up. Police responded to Chesapeake circle where they spoke to Battle’s sister who is a minor. The victim said that she had asked Battle to pick up his clothes and he got upset saying that they weren’t his. Battle then stepped into her personal space and started cussing her out, so she pushed him back to create space. Battle slapped his little sister so hard in the face he broke her glasses. When police questioned battle, he told them that those clothes were not his and that his sister didn’t put his laundry in a bag as he asked. He also stated that he was close to his sister but he didn’t touch her he only pushed her away as he leaned over her.

Man battles wife and children while intoxicated; they were just trying to go to school on Zoom

39-year-old James Battle was charged with three counts of domestic assault after fighting with his children and wife during a Zoom call with a teacher.