James Tyler Smith charged with assault of ex-boyfriend in Antioch

Moises Hernández says he was in an argument with his ex-boyfriend, and current roommate, 23-year-old James Smith on Friday in Nashville, which was witnessed by another roommate, who is Hernández’s brother. Once the brother intervened and attempted to calm things down, Smith became angry and reportedly put his hand in Hernández’s face and pushed him, leaving him with a small laceration and bleeding.

Funk’s Friend Faces Felony: Socialite Brenda Ross jailed on new stalking charge Friday

67-year-old Brenda Ross is free on a new $2,500 bond after being jailed on a new felony aggravated stalking charge this weekend. The Nashville socialite who hobnobs with the like of the District Attorney, The Mayor, and sitting judges, was initially arrested on May 9th for violating an order of protection. The new warrant, which was signed on May 11th, details multiple instances of Ross sending messages to the victim, Marilyn Jones, via social media, showing up at Jazzy’s where she knew the victim to be, only to sit across the bar and stare at her without saying anything. Once the victim left and went to Larry’s Bar, Ross followed her there. The victim continues to feel harassed and stalked by Ross.