Joy Newman storms into her ex’s home, screams she wants the blood of another woman

Let’s set the scene: Claude Hudgens and Jamella Garrett live together in an apartment in Madison. Joy Newman previously lived in the apartment with them. Claude and Joy were previously in a dating relationship. On November 7th, police responded to the apartment after Jamella stated she heard a loud noise at the door, and Claude opened it. 25-year-old Joy Newman pushed her way into the apartment while Claude attempted to restrain her from moving toward Jamella. Joy made her way to the kitchen, where she armed herself with a large kitchen knife for a short time before Claude disarmed her. Joy then got in Jamella’s face while screaming she wanted “her blood!”

Brian Marsh pulls gun on his grandmother & demands money to pay for a lawyer

21-year-old Brian Marsh was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging him with the felony aggravated assault of his grandmother with a deadly weapon. The warrant states that two days after Christmas, Brian Marsh showed up at the home of his grandmother, Rebecca Marsh, while he was high on drugs and brandishing a pistol which he waved and pointed at her. She pushed the gun out of her way and told him to go on, at which time he grabbed her arms and said “I know you have money, you’re just not giving it to me”. The grandmother told detectives he was seeking money in order to pay for a criminal defense lawyer for an arrest in Rutherford County on drug and gun charges.