Police jail father of a one-year-old when they realize he’s six years older than the child’s 16-year-old mother

22-year-old Henry Juarez-Perez is now jailed on a $10,000 bond, charged with statutory rape after Metro Nashville Police discovered his prior relationship with a 16-year-old girl and sex that occurred over a year ago. Officers initially responded to a domestic disturbance call on July 3rd, when his ex-girlfriend and mother of this child called 911 to report that he was drunk and came to her apartment accusing her of “finding someone new” and hitting her multiple times. She locked herself in the bathroom, along with their one-year-old son, until officers arrived. While they did not find any marks or injuries from an assault, some quick math with everyone’s age and dates of birth resulted in a felony statutory rape charge for Perez, who is six years older than Maria, the mother of his child.

Daylon Wall booked on warrants charging him with fleeing scene of accident

Police say 29-year-old Daylon Wall was involved in a motor vehicle crash on South 2nd Street and when an officer directed bother drivers to pull onto Crutcher Street to lessen the impact to traffic flow, Wall accelerated and fled the scene. Warrants for his arrest were issued on January 24th, and he was booked into jail on those warrants Wednesday.