Tearance Harris indicted on Visa gift card thefts from Speedway

22-year-old Tearance Harris has been indicted by the Davidson County Grand Jury on one count of felony theft between $2,500 and $10,000. The indictment alleges that during July and August of 2022, Tearance took Visa gift cards from a Speedway location. He has a co-defendant, Joshua Harris, who is additionally indicted but has not yet been booked into custody.

Joshua Harris puts girlfriend in chokehold during argument over dishes

25-year-old Joshua Harris was jailed on April 16th for punching his girlfriend in the head after a fight over the dishes in their home on Mona Drive. Police spoke with Tabitha Taylor, who said that she and her boyfriend, who is also the father of their children, got into an argument about the dishes. It escalated when Harris punched her in the head and put her in a chokehold for about 10 seconds. She was able to push him off and ran to the bathroom to get away from him. Harris followed Taylor to the bathroom, screaming at her, and pushed her into the bathtub. Taylor hit her head on the faucet and cut her finger, which police observed along with the bathroom in disarray. Harris had already fled the scene when police arrived.