Blake Christian attacks caretaker with bible and shoe on way to church

30-year-old Blake Christian was upset that he could not get fast food on his way to church, so he then assaulted his caretaker in the car, per police. On June 25th, police arrived at a gas station on Old Hickory Blvd. and spoke with Blake’s caretaker, the victim, Belinda Mitchell, who said that he assaulted her in the car. Belinda said they were heading to church when Blake, in the backseat, became upset when they did not stop for fast food. She said that he threw his shoe at her, ripped pages out of a bible, and threw the bible at her. Despite having the mental state of a 10-year-old boy, Belinda said he is completely aware of his actions during the incident.

Andrew Rainey charged with disorderly conduct after childish temper tantrum

18-year-old Andrew Rainey was jailed early Sunday morning after becoming aggressive with police when he was told to leave someone’s property on Hampton Court. Lee’a Garnett told Rainey that he could only come back to her house to grab all of his belongings at once and wasn’t to return. He told Lee’a that he had a truck to get all of his things, but when he got there, he was on foot and ended up throwing things into the yard and cursing her out. Lee’a said this behavior went on for hours. When police arrived, they told Rainey to grab his things and leave the property, and that’s when he became aggressive and slammed a box on the ground in Infront of onlookers. He was taken to booking.

Talha Ahmad charged after doing donuts in Antioch parking lot

Police say 19-year-old Talha Ahmad was doing donuts in his red 2010 Infiniti QX60 in a Hickory Hollow parking lot on January 28th at 5 p.m. Officers observed a children’s function ongoing nearby where the car was doing donuts. He was issued a citation for reckless driving and was booked on that citation this week.

Isaac Baugh strangles girlfriend when she doesn’t make him dinner

Cecilia Nelson says her 32-year-old boyfriend Isaac Baugh called on his way home to ask if she had made dinner Saturday evening, and she told him she had not. When he arrived home, he reportedly yelled at her to come downstairs and cook him dinner. She came downstairs, and they argued while she was in the kitchen. She says he got up from the dining room table, where he was waiting, and threw a Mentos package at her, hitting her in the head. She demanded he leaves, and as she began to go back upstairs, Baugh grabbed her by the neck and strangled her during an assault. Officers documented injuries on the victim consistent with strangulation.

Austin Harrison charged in brutal assault of girlfriend, strangles her unconscious, drags her by hair

23-year-old Austin Harrison was jailed this week on an outstanding felony warrant charging him with aggravated assault/strangulation. Elizabeth Egan says her boyfriend, Austin, had locked her out of their shared residence, and an argument continued as he let her back inside. He reportedly punched her and knocked her onto the ground before getting on top of her and strangling her until she lost consciousness. When she came to, Egan says she was being dragged by her hair into another room. When he realized she was conscious again, he continued the assault and strangled her a second time. During a struggle, she was able to kick him in the face twice, after which he stood up, walked upstairs, and fell asleep or passed out across the bed. Officers observed multiple injuries to the victim. [WARNING: images and video in the story are graphic]

DUI: Gary Henson was “hostile and belligerent” during arrest with handgun and drugs

19-year-old Gary Henson was involved in a single-vehicle rollover on the interstate late Friday night. First responders report smelling alcohol on Henson as they interacted with him and noted his slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Henson was “belligerent and extremely uncooperative” with police. He admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking “one beer” just before the accident. Inside the vehicle, officers found a half-consumed bottle of Crown Royal and a baggie of marijuana. Field sobriety tests could not be completed due to his hostility. Henson was transported to booking and charged with the marijuana, possession of a firearm that was found in the vehicle, and driving under the influence.