Katie Case charged with yet another DUI in Nashville. Court says $5K bond, DCSO gives #PreTrialRelease

In 2006, 39-year-old Katie Case was charged with DUI, eventually pleading down to a reckless endangerment charge. In 2018, she was charged with another DUI, which was also eventually lessened to reckless endangerment. Now, in May of 2022, she once again faces a new DUI charge, however, in the eyes of the court, it’s technically her very first DUI all over again, and she’s never received any actual consequences from her prior actions. In this case, officers observed Katie Case swerving and honking with no other vehicles around her, and drove all the way up onto the curb when she was pulled over. She told officers she had “two shots” before driving, and police say she was heavily intoxicated and performed poorly on each and every field sobriety test. Inside the car with her was an open 16oz bottle of Michelob Ultra and six plastic 1oz shooters of Fireball liquor.