Jermaine Darden charged in assault and total destruction of apartment & contents

Police arrived at the apartment of 41-year-old Jermaine Darden and KeAsia Nance to find two TVs thrown over the balcony and destroyed on the ground below, a hole in the wall of the apartment, most of the furniture completely destroyed, clothes torn and covering the apartment, appliances and pictures destroyed throughout, and the washer and dryer turned over on their fronts. Officers initially met with Nance, who had a bruise on her cheek, a bruised eye, and a cut across her face. She explained she and Darden had been arguing earlier, and she had left to “cool off.” She returned to the entirety of the residence being destroyed. She demanded he clean up the mess, and he refused. As she called 911 to report the vandalism, she says Darden came at her multiple times, eventually snatching the phone from her hands and destroying it, too.