Musician Russell Garner assaults wife with door during argument

37-year-old Musician Russell Garner had a domestic dispute with his wife, Kelly Macfarlane, at their shared residence on Lady Nashville Drive on December 30th. Officers spoke to Macfarlane, who advised them that she barricaded her and her son in the room in fear of Garner. She told them that he had recently been physically and mentally abusive to her. She said nothing physical happened that day, but he threatened to take their son away from her. Macfarlane then explained that Gartner assaulted her a few days prior when they argued on Christmas morning. She stated that she went to their spare bedroom, and he followed, standing outside the door. Macfarlane told him she would be sleeping in the room and that he needed to leave her alone. The couple continued to argue because Garner did not want Macfarlane to sleep in the room with his work things. Macfarlane then shut the door and tried to lock it, but Garner already had the handle turned before slamming into it, causing the door to hit Macfarlane and knock her down. Officers observed a large bruise on Macfarlane’s left knee and reviewed an audio recording she had of the incident. Russell Garner was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Russell Garner charged with assaulting wife after she takes his phone to search it during divorce

36-year-old Russ L. Garner was jailed Saturday on a warrant charging him with the domestic assault of his wife, Kelly Macfarlane, who recently filed for divorce, citing inappropriate marital conduct and irreconcilable differences. She says she asked to see his cell phone due to “suspicious behavior” at which point she gained access, however, a struggle ensued. The victim provided body-worn camera footage of what she says were injuries from the assault and states she was threatened to not mention the assault to the police.

A filing in the divorce case from Russ Garner sheds additional light on the incident, stating that she took his phone and hid it behind her back, and began kicking him. He admits to grabbing her wrist in an attempt to stop her from kicking him and to retrieve his stolen phone. All this happened while their child watched from a playpen. Police did not immediately make an arrest in the case, it was several weeks after the wife visited the Family Safety Center, and she had to take out the warrant herself, it was not signed by the police as the prosecutor.