Marcus Young steals $23,710 worth of monitors from Radiology Alliance

37-year-old Marcus Young stole from Radiology Alliance’s 25th Avenue North storage locker multiple times between February and April 2024. In February, a witness noticed three Radiology monitors were missing from their storage. After four more monitors went missing in four weeks, the witness had become suspicious that someone was breaking into their unit, so they set up video surveillance. On April 23rd, the footage captured Young forcing open the lock and entering the unit. The building manager identified Young as a tenant at the location. The witness located three different eBay postings matching the three sets of missing Radiology monitors. The first post was on February 1st, the second was on March 8th, and the third was on April 15th. A subpoena to eBay confirmed Young owned the account selling the stolen equipment. Young had taken 2 RX560’s and 5 MX315W’s during the burglaries, totaling $23,710. Warrants were issued for his arrest on July 5th. Young was taken into custody for four counts of burglary and three counts of theft on July 9th.

Vincent Scappator steals $60 worth of NBA trading cards from Target

27-year-old Vincent Scappator was caught stealing from Target on Old Hickory Boulevard on May 13th. Security observed Scappator open a $60 box of NBA trading cards, put them in his pocket, and walk out of the store. A search of his person revealed the stolen cards in his pocket. Officers cited him for the violation that day. Scappator was later booked on the citation of shoplifting on June 3rd.

Bura Lawson III caught covering woman’s Ring doorbell camera in feces

57-year-old Bura Lawson III placed a plastic grocery bag with feces on Andrea McKellar’s Ring doorbell camera at her 28th Avenue North residence on March 20th. This was captured on her Ring Doorbell camera. Officers encountered Lawson III on March 13th and March 23rd, which was filmed on their body cam. Then, officers compared both sets of footage and identified Lawson III. On March 28th, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Lawson III was booked on the summons of vandalism on April 23rd.

Amber Shanks breaks woman’s hip, elbow during dispute over parking

22-year-old Amber Shanks was booked on an outstanding warrant from August 31st when she assaulted a woman on 18th Avenue. Constance Woolsey told police that she noticed a car parked in a private parking lot behind her building and argued with Shanks as she said she was parked on private property. Shanks then jumped the fence and kicked Ms. Woosley in her hip after shoving her to the ground. Woolsey advised that after she fell, she was unable to get up on her own, and Ms. Shanks stood over her, yelling for her to get up. Shanks then left the location in her black Nissan Altima. Woolsey was transported to the ER. She sustained a broken elbow and a broken hip from being shoved to the ground.

Ricky Green vandalizes Little Chicago Pizza

29-year-old Ricky Green Jr. was taken into custody on November 14 for vandalizing Little Chicago Pizza back in July. Green was seen on surveillance footage and had provided his cell phone for an order he had placed there prior to the vandalism. Green was later identified when he filed a police report in September and provided that same phone number. Officers were able to compare the surveillance and body footage of Green filing the September report to confirm that Green was indeed the suspect. The total cost of repairs is $1,893.31.

Angela Hurt pulls revolver & begins countdown, threatens to shoot man over parking space

Curtis Patel was returning to his car, which he had parked in the alley near 8th Ave South, when he was suddenly confronted by 45-year-old Angela Hurt Gordon was irate and yelling and screaming about him parking “in her spot.” As Curtis got into his car to leave, she threw something at his windshield and kicked the side of his vehicle. She went back inside, and as he backed out of the area, a Belmont security officer made contact with him. While they were speaking, Angela came back out of her house holding a revolver, which she pointed in the air and threatened to shoot him. She began a backward countdown from 10, causing Curtis to flee the immediate area as police arrived to observe Angela still armed and screaming.

Jasmine Forde walks out on Storming Crab bill, brandishes handgun at a convenience store

26-year-old Jasmine Forde was booked into the Metro Nashville jail this week on two outstanding warrants. The first stems from an incident at the Storming Crab, where she ordered a $48 dinner and fled without paying, with the entire event captured on video. In the second incident, she walked into a Twice Daily convenience store and lifted her shirt to display a pink pistol in her waistband to the cashier, stating “…I’m about that life”.

James ‘Kevin’ Reynolds(43) Assaults, Chokes 14 year-old son while making derogatory remarks

Late Saturday evening, MNPD responded to a domestic assault call, and found that not only did James ‘Kevin’ Reynolds assault & strangle his 14 year old son, while making derogatory remarks about him, but he actually recorded it, and provided the video to the police. The victim, Reynold’s 14 year old son,  states that he and his father were in a verbal altercation, when his father grabbed him by the neck, causing him injury. He also reported that he was hit in the head, and that his father had also…