Young woman smashes ex-girlfriend’s car after arguing earlier that day

19-year-old Phantajia Green was charged with vandalism after she was witnessed by several people stomping on the roof and windshield of her ex-girlfriend’s vehicle after they had an argument earlier that day.

Nashville couple burgles Murphy Express, netting a trash bag of Newport cigarettes

feat Thompson-Jordan

29-year old Chelsea Thompson and 52-year-old Darryl Jordan were charged with burglary after stealing a trash bag of cigarettes from Murphy Express.

Woman keys ex-lover’s car because he wouldn’t have sex with her

26-year-old Kenisha Covington was charged with vandalism when she dumped a fountain drink and keyed a car belonging to her ex-lover after he refused to have sex with her.

Woman found dead at car accident; driver flees on foot and turns himself in the next day

38-year-old Kenneth Patton was charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident when police found the passenger of a car accident deceased. The driver fled the scene on foot and turned himself in the next day.