Intoxicated tourist carried out of Bridgestone Arena, kicking and screaming — Ava Purifoy

19-year-old Ava Purifoy had to be carried out of Bridgestone Arena by off-duty officers Saturday night after she caused a scene inside from being overly intoxicated. As she was being placed into custody and the rear of a patrol car she began to kick her legs at officers and scream. She then kicked the windows from inside the car, demanding to be let out of custody. She eventually admitted to consuming “three drinks”. She was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Girlfriend accuses man of cheating and hits him in the genitals

55-year-old Patricia Kassel was charged with domestic assault after she accused her boyfriend of cheating, hit him in the genitals, and then attempted to continue hitting him.

Father kicks two-year-old daughter in the back when she would not stop crying

40-year-old Elmer Perez Paz was charged for child abuse when he kicked his two-year-old daughter in the back causing her to fall face first when she would not stop crying.