Musician Dorian Lackey charged in assault of 4 women at Jason Aldean’s bar days before his single release ‘Alone Tonight’

Just before 1 a.m. Sunday, Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative responded to a fight that was ongoing at Jason Aldean’s Bar. Officers arrived to find 29-year-old Musician Dorian Lackey in an argument with another male, and the group of four women he was around began to intervene in an attempt to break up the fight. Police say Dorain Lackey punched three of the woman directly in the face, causing injuries to all three women. The fourth woman was knocked to the ground. A later follow-up at the hospital revealed one of the women suffered a dislocated shoulder from his assault on her. Vanesse Costa, Madeline Kaye, Jamie Cleasby, and Courtney Lewis were all victims of the assault. Dorian Lackey’s second single ‘Alone Tonight’ premiers on September 16th.

Juan Andres charged with sexual battery of family friend at death remembrance gathering

Metro Police say 41-year-old Juan Andres was at an Antioch home on March 12 where many friends and family had gathered due to a death in the family. During the evening, everyone present consumed both food and alcohol, resulting in many staying at the residence overnight, including a friend of the family, who is the victim in this case. After the female victim fell asleep on the couch, a family member noticed Juan Andres was seated beside her, with his hand inside the front of her pants. The family member pulled him away from the woman, and police were notified, and the victim was transported to the hospital for evaluation, stating she did not recall the incident. During an interview, Andres admitted to rubbing the victim across her back and buttocks, over her clothes, but “did not recall” if he touched her inside her pants, or not.