Octavious Bates “intoxicated and uncooperative” after assault on ex-girlfriend

Metro Nashville Police say 29-year-old Octavious Bates was “intoxicated and uncooperative” when they encountered him as the subject of a domestic assault call on Stratford Avenue. His ex-girlfriend, Kira Mercedes McKenzie, says she invited him over to visit, and at some point, he got drunk and became disorderly. During a subsequent argument, she says Bates grabbed both of her arms and lifted her against a wall, holding her there. Officers documented injuries and bruises to her forearm and bicep.

Kira Mercedes Joyner charged after shoplifting, assaulting mall security officer at OpryMills

29-year-old Kira Mercedes McKenzie Joyner was booked this week on outstanding citations from 2020, which she never self-booked on. Police say on December 3rd, 2020, Kira McKenzie Joyner was inside the Hot Topic store at Opry Mills Mall when Mall Security Officer Bailey McCluskey made contact with her as she was reportedly caught shoplifting. As she was being detained and escorted to the mall’s security office, she kicked him on his left leg and began to yell and scream, causing a disturbance to other shoppers in the mall. She was issued state citations for theft and assault and never appeared for them.

Man strangles sister-in-law during family fight over missing Cashapp card

27-year-old Matthew Mckenzie was charged with aggravated assault after he strangled his sister-in-law while his wife was kicking her out of the apartment.